Birchwood Wellness, LLC provides services for individuals experiencing a variety concerns including: ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, behavioral disorders, sleep problems, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief and loss, relationship problems, traumatic stress, intellectual disability, parenting skills, stress management, phobias               

Psychiatric Medication:  

Birchwood Wellness provides psychiatric medications to aid in the management of symptoms related to mental health disorders.  Medication is a valuable tool and intervention used to help meet your individual needs.  We believe in the importance of collaborating with the patient to develop a safe and meaningful treatment plan incorporating psychiatric medications, complementary and alternative therapies, nutrition and lifestyle changes, and individualized counseling.


Birchwood Wellness provides individual and family therapy for infants/toddlers, children, adolescents and adults.  We utilize an integrated approach to help clients learn new skills to aid in personal growth and decrease suffering (cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy).  We also appreciate and incorporate complementary and alternative medicine into our practice.   

Psychological Testing: 

Dr. Caves provides psychological testing for children and adults.  She conducts psychological testing to determine diagnostic eligibility for intellectual disability waiver services.  Personality testing is often conducted for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.  In addition, psychological testing is occasionally used to diagnose ADHD. 


Birchwood Wellness is available for mental health consultation to individuals, organizations and businesses within the community.